speaker name
Kristen Hadeed

Student Maid

speaker name
Sonny Beck

Beck Hybrids

speaker name
Lindsay Boccardo

Millenial Expert

speaker name
Brian Hogan

Hogan P.A.

We do not want financial circumstances to be a barrier to attending the CEO Summit. Please contact us for accomodations.

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About the event

The Kokomo CEO Summit is a leadership conference hosted by the CEO class with one goal in mind, to "equip you to win at your one and only life." The summit hopes to provide the community with the opportunity to connect with successful leaders across the nation.

Armed with years of knowledge and experience, our speakers are prepared to deliver and communicate the many lessons about leadership and entreprenurship they have learned throughout their lives. Be prepared for the upcoming 2020 Summit!

4 Speakers

Speakers and successful business leaders have been gathered from around the nation

Local Sponsors

The Summit has been sponsored by various local businesses in and around Kokomo.

Kokomo CEO

The event is entirely led, organized, and managed by the students of the Kokomo CEO Class.

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