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Our speakers through many successes and also failures, have built successful businesses around the United States. In order to share their knowledge about not only entrepreurship but leadership, they have agreed to speak at the 2020 CEO Summit!

The purchase of a ticket for the Summit gives you and/or your business the opportunity to learn from this diverse set of speakers. Read the bios of our wonderful speakers below! Secure your tickets by clicking the "Buy Now" button at the bottom of the page.

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Kristen Hadeed

Student Maid

Kristen Hadeed is the founder of Student Maid, a successful cleaning company that has employed thousands of students over the last decade and that is known for building the next generation of leaders.

When Kristen started her journey, she had no idea what she was in for: The average turnover rate in the cleaning industry is 75%, and profit margins hover around just 15%. But even with the odds stacked against her, she built a company that blew the industry benchmarks out of the water. Her people love coming to work, they stick around for years, and some have even turned down dream jobs to join the executive team and build careers at Student Maid.

Kristen believes Student Maid’s success boils down to one thing and one thing only: creating a place with humanity at its core. A place where people feel accepted for who they are, where they are encouraged to fail and embrace their imperfections, and where they are empowered to reach their potential. Now she spends most of her time helping leaders and organizations around the world create similar environments for their people.

In 2017, she published her first book, Permission To Screw Up, in which she offers an unapologetic account of her biggest mistakes in leadership. She hopes that her vulnerability will give others the courage to open up about their own “perfectly imperfect” moments and proudly embrace them as the tremendous learning opportunities they are.

Kristen and Student Maid have been featured in news outlets including PBS, FOX, Inc., NBC, TIME, and Forbes. Her first TED Talk has more than three million views on YouTube.

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Sonny Beck

Beck Hybrids

Sonny Beck, president of Beck’s Hybrids, has led the company to unprecedented growth. As the largest family-owned seed company in the United States, Beck’s Hybrids is now the sixth largest seed company in the U.S. Under Sonny’s leadership, Beck’s Hybrids has experienced a 20 percent increase in sales each year for the last 20 years, doubling in size every four years.

As soon as Beck joined the family operation in 1964, after graduating from Purdue University, he never let grass grow under his feet. Always aiming at building closer, stronger relationships with customers, Beck immediately launched a couple of customer events that are now long-standing traditions.

It was in that same year, Beck started what is now called the Practical Farm Research (PFR)® program. Still today, the PFR program is unlike any other in the seed industry. Focused on farmer’s needs, hundreds of studies are completed at five Beck’s locations in an effort to look at how different management practices perform in different environments. The information is delivered to farmers across the Midwest in a 280-page summary book, website and field shows.

Beck has frequently stated that before 1992 Beck’s Hybrids was a seed producer who happened to do some marketing, but with the arrival of traits, Beck’s became a marketing company who happened to produce most of their own seed.

But it was not just traits that Beck and the Beck’s Hybrids team pursued. In 2001, Beck’s Hybrids was the first to market 100 percent of its seed corn with a seed-applied insect control system called FaSTart®. Over time the seed treatment evolved and in 2009 Beck’s Hybrids became the first seed company to put together a unique set of yield-enhancing products called Escalate® yield enhancement system. Escalate comes standard on all Beck’s corn, soybean, wheat and alfalfa products.

Beck’s dedication and passion for agriculture extends far beyond Beck’s Hybrids. He has played an integral role in leading several agricultural organizations, providing each with a unique leadership approach, ultimately guiding them to newer heights.

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Lindsay Boccardo

Millenial Expert

With my diploma in hand, I set out to do something that had very little to do with my degree from Syracuse University: raise money so I could tour the country playing in a rock band. My parents were thrilled (or not).

Growing up, I was taught to do what I love, to experiment, to try new things and be curious. The only problem was, my curiosity was real at a time that I was supposed to have a plan for my life. How could I have a plan when I didn’t even know what I liked yet?

So I spent my twenties learning about myself and the world around me. I toured with a band for six years. I mentored others who wanted to follow a similar path. I designed and implemented curriculum for college students to supplement what they were learning on campus. I led a staff team of 20 people as a Director with Keynote for six years. During this time, I figured out where generational differences broke down… and I was hooked.

I realized the twentysomethings (you may know us as Millennials) have a lot to contribute to our organizations and employers. Passionate about helping people make bold moves into the real world, I went back to school and earned my coaching certification through the International Coach Federation.

I have been coaching, researching and developing programs for Millennials for nearly a decade. I love working with young people and the organizations who employ them.

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Brian Hogan

Hogan P.A.

Brian Hogan was born and raised in Kokomo, Indiana where he stood out as an Indiana All-Star student and athlete. In 1988, he moved to Florida where he attended the University of Florida on a basketball scholarship. As a freshman, the Gator basketball team proudly won their first SEC Championship in school history. While at UF, Brian graduated from the Business College with a major in Finance. As a proud Gator, he continued onto the University of Florida, College of Law where he graduated in 1996 with his Juris Doctorate.

After moving to Orlando in 1997, Brian began working as an insurance defense attorney for a large law firm in Downtown Orlando, where he represented Fortune 500 companies. After three years of defending insurance companies, he left the Downtown firm to open his own law practice in a small office building on Conway Road. Since 2000, Brian has devoted his practice of law to only representing injured individuals and their families in personal injury cases.

Brian Hogan has been married to his high school sweetheart, Kristi for over 24 years. They have 4 children together. Their oldest son is following in his dad’s footsteps and recently graduated from the University of Florida. Brian’s second son plays baseball for the University of South Carolina. Known as the “Princess of the family”, Brian and Kristi’s only daughter attends the University of South Florida. Their youngest son currently attends Boone High School, where he is studying in the law magnet program.

The Hogan family are long-time members of ReThink Life Church located on Narcoossee Road. Away from the office, Brian enjoys exercising, watching his kids play sports and cheering on the Gators.

Brian has carved a well-respected reputation for himself as a competitive, hard-nosed auto accident attorney. As an attorney, with considerable experience, Brian formerly represented Fortune 500 companies as an insurance defense attorney. This past experience continues to serve his clients well. While law firms frequently “handle personal injury” claims, Mr. Hogan has become known for his competitive strength in personal injury law, malpractice, and his overall comfortable style while working on behalf of injured individuals and their families.


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